The Unique and its Property

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Wolfi Landstreicher

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The first new translation of “The Ego and Its Own” since 1907. Wolfi Landstreicher brings out the original intent that was lost through translation.

Journey Into Night Edition, 2018 (



Journey Into Night, Wolfi Landstreicher, Philosophy

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3 reviews for The Unique and its Property

  1. Johann Schmidt

    A very good read for anyone interested in anarchism, nihilism, German idealism or post-structuralism. The book is long and difficult, like any good philosophy book but it is very witty and humorous too.

  2. TheFourEyed (verified owner)

    Stirner is among the best thinker of all time and his ideas are worth reading, this is mainly a review of this edition of the book.
    The new translation by Wolfi Landstreicher is much easier to read and has more voice than “classic” Steven Byington edition as well as being a more accurate translation over all. I had a very hard time finding any physical copies of the Wolfi translation so finding it here was very exciting.
    As described. 367 pages.
    Only gripe is the the binding is a little stiff which makes turning the covers and pages fully open a little difficult. Other wise in of good quality.

  3. Louie talley

    i havent purchased yet but i have a question about the visuals is this the black book or does the cover look like the picture above?

    • Kyle J. Osborne

      it looks like the picture

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